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Kailua's Boutique Day Spa

We are a result oriented spa in cozy Downtown Kailua, seamlessly blending the sophistication and professional standards of a world class spa with the down to earth feel of a small beach town.

Our service prices include taxes and we kindly decline tips.








Brazilian Waxing Special $55

New Clients Only

Drawing upon 22 years of hair removal experience, our esthetics team has perfected the art of waxing. Our estheticians are expertly trained in the Honu You Method for Brazilians, yielding excellent results consistently. Our mission is to offer phenomenal waxing results that are an extension of your health & wellness self care. All of us can agree, if your skin is torn, bruised, infected or riddled with ingrown hairs, it's not going to matter whether the hair is there or not.

So first and foremost we asses your safety for treatment by adhering to the following: 1) no contraindicated medications/conditions (please call if uncertain), 2) more that 2 weeks of hair growth untrimmed, 3) schedule your appointment mid-cycle (12-15 days following the 1st day of your menstrual cycle).

Our Pono Pricing of treatments is inclusive of tax and we graciously decline tips. (Really…we don't take tips…the price quoted is the final price;))
Our Brazilian waxing is for women 18 years of age or older only.

Please call if you are pregnant, in some cases you may not qualify for waxing while pregnant.

Honu You Hawaiian Spa 320 Uluniu St. Suite 1 Kailua, HI 96734

PH: (808) 261-1268