This is a traditional Hawaiian style of bodywork which harmonizes smooth rhythmic movements, vigorous kneading & energetic body manipulations. Lomilomi is nurturing and effective using full hand, forearms, & elbows. It calms an anxious mind, lightens pain in the body, & revives a weary spirit.



This individualized full body treatment targets areas holding the most stress & imbalance, designed for maintaining maximum well-being.  

60 minutes $125



In addition to the benefits of our Honu You Lomilomi, this treatment stimulates lymphatic circulation & hydrates & revitalizes your skin all over. Special attention to problem areas is also included.

90 minutes $175





Combines medium pressure to thoroughly warm up tissues and heavy pressure to focus on tense and over-stressed areas of the body.

 60 minutes $115           90 minutes $160


Suitable for overall stress relief. Appropriate for specific areas of concentration.

       60 minutes $100           90 minutes $145



Reflexology balances the body's energy pathways through pressure points on the feet that directly affect the muscle and vital organs in the body. We enhance this treatment with essential oils that aid in restoring the body's balance and relaxation.

     60 minutes $100             90 minutes $145



DoTERRA Essential Oils $10

Hand or Foot Treatment (15 minutes) $25

DoTERRA Deep Blue Rub $10

Back Scrub (15 minutes) $25

25 minute Reflexology $50


Most massage and body treatments are enjoyed without clothing. Our staff is trained to provide privacy using professional draping techniques. Disposable undergarments are available upon request.  

Pregnancy Massages are currently not available.  Please call for more information.

Honu You Clinical Body Treatment & Honu You Clinical Facial Treatment Series

We are looking for people that:

1) Have struggled with solutions for facial acne/rosacea and/or hyperpigmentation/aging concerns or chronic pain, cellulite/weight loss, or depression/anxiety.

2) Are not currently receiving treatment or have received treatment in the last 6 months including, but not limited to Obagi, Laser, Peels, Botox, Accutane, Physical Therapy, etc.
3) Are not pregnant or currently breastfeeding.
4) Can commit to one weekly treatment from 2/13/17to 3/24/17.
5) Will allow us to use before/progress/after pictures for our promotion of these treatments as well as details about your experience through the program without mention of your name or identity.
6) Are 18 years or older.
7) Are looking for results and as commited as we are to finding a solution.

We are offering a limited number of series packages at a significant savings.  Please email us by 2/10/17 at with the following:
1) Your full name and age
2) A description of the concern you want to address with our treatment series
 3) A description of other methods you have used to address the concern you described in #2
4) What your ideal expectation would be from successfully completing our treatment series.


Clinical Body Treatment Series
Solutions to reduce Chronic pain, Cellulite/Weight Loss or Depression/Anxiety
Each series includes 6 treatments and will range in price from $390 to $878 which reflects a 35% discount off our full treatment price. (inclusive of tax & as always no tips;)


Cupping (30 minutes)
Cupping with Lomilomi (60 or 90 minutes)

Fascia Blasting:

Fascia Blasting with heat (60 or 90 minutes)
Fascia Blasting with Lomilomi & heat (60 or 90 minutes)


  • Cannot have recent tattoos & excessive hair in the treated area.

  • Cannot be taking Blood Thinner or Blood Pressure Medication

  • Cannot have Heart Problems

Due to the increased request of Monday appointments, Honu You will be opened selected Mondays and Saturdays starting January 2017.

Please visit "Spa Schedule" under the "About Us" tab.

“Pono Pricing” – No Tax, No Tip, No After Math!

Prices are subject to change.