Drawing upon 23 years of hair removal experience, our esthetics team has perfected the art of waxing. Our estheticians are expertly trained in the Honu You Method, yielding excellent results consistently. Our mission is to offer phenomenal waxing results that are an extension of your health & wellness self care. All of us can agree, if your skin is torn, bruised, infected or riddled with ingrown hairs, it's not going to matter whether the hair is there or not.

So first and foremost we asses your safety for treatment by adhering to the following:

1) no contraindicated medications/conditions (please call if uncertain),

2) more that 2 weeks of hair growth untrimmed,

3) schedule your appointment mid-cycle (12-15 days following the 1st day of your menstrual cycle).

Please call if you are pregnant, in some cases you may not qualify for waxing while pregnant.

Honu You Hawaiian Spa's waxing services combine high-quality waxes and trained, licensed professionals for all of our services.

Wow Brow** $55

The ultimate sculpted brow measured to frame your face perfectly. We expertly combine our unique measurement technique, hard wax, tweezing, and trimming.

Classic Bikini* $35

A great introduction into the world of bikini waxing. We take the sides in to the crease of the inner thigh.

Tini-Kini* $55

A bolder version of the classic bikini. We take the top down significantly and bring in the sides 2-3 inches leaving you with the perfect triangle that will happily accommodate most thongs.

Brazilian* $95

We expertly combine a warm cream wax and a Brazilian-style hard wax for optimal results. Choose either completely bare, a small strip, or mini-triangle. Our clients experience substantially reduced regrowth.  Done properly and regularly our treatments yield results similar to laser. Your initial treatment will take 45 - 50 minutes.  We offer a Maintenance Brazilian at 4 weeks that takes approximately 15 - 25 minutes  at a reduced price. 










Lip **$30

Chin** $30

Underarm $30

Stomach $30


Half Leg $55

Full Leg $95

Half Arm $55

Full Arm $95


Half Back $55

Full Back $95

Chest $65




* - Available for women only. 

Brazilian & Brazilian Maintenance: must adhere to the following:

1)  no contraindicated medications/conditions (please call if uncertain),

2)  more than 2 weeks of hair growth untrimmed,

3)  mid-cycle (12-15 days following the 1st day of menstrual cycle).

*** Please call if you are pregnant.


**Facial Waxing: must adhere to the following:

1)  no contraindicated medications (Retinols, Retin A, Accutane, Epiduo, Obagi))/conditions (please call if uncertain),

2)  more than 2 weeks of hair growth,

3)  no facial peels, microdermabrasion

Please read our Spa Etiquette page for our spa policies including our cancellation policy and contraindications for treatments. By scheduling your appointment you are agreeing to abide by our policies.

All treatments are provided to persons 18 years and older. Minors 14 to 17 seeking treatment must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Minors under 14 are seen on a case by case basis after consultation with their parent/legal guardian. Booking outside of the above specifications may result in the inability to treat you on the day of your appointment which will require full payment per our cancellation policy. If you are uncertain about any of the above specifications please call to make your appointment.

Consult us directly before booking online if you are unclear about any treatments or contraindications as there is a

$25 processing fee for partial or full credit card refunds.


Please visit "Spa Schedule" under the "About Us" tab.