Honu You Clinical Body Treatment & Honu You Clinical Facial Treatment Series

We are looking for people that:

1) Have struggled with solutions for facial acne/rosacea and/or hyperpigmentation/aging concerns or chronic pain, cellulite/weight loss, or depression/anxiety.

2) Are not currently receiving treatment or have received treatment in the last 6 months including, but not limited to Obagi, Laser, Peels, Botox, Accutane, Physical Therapy, etc.
3) Are not pregnant or currently breastfeeding.
4) Can commit to one weekly treatment from 2/13/17to 3/24/17.
5) Will allow us to use before/progress/after pictures for our promotion of these treatments as well as details about your experience through the program without mention of your name or identity.
6) Are 18 years or older.
7) Are looking for results and as commited as we are to finding a solution.

We are offering a limited number of series packages at a significant savings.  Please email us by 2/10/17 at jennifermehau@yahoo.com with the following:
1) Your full name and age
2) A description of the concern you want to address with our treatment series
 3) A description of other methods you have used to address the concern you described in #2
4) What your ideal expectation would be from successfully completing our treatment series.

HY Clinical Facial Treatment Series

Acne/Rosacea orHyperpigmentation/Aging Concerns

1 - 90 minutes Facial w/consulation
5 - 60minutes Clinical Facials

(dependent on your skins condition this may include clinical facial peel treatments as well)
Includes 2 - 3 months ofcosmeceutical grade facial products with detailed instructions, modifications and monitoring of your home care program throughout the Facial Treatment Series. $1215 (inclusive of tax & as always no tips;)

We are offering this series for $880 to qualified candidates.





Clinical Body Treatment Series
Solutions to reduce Chronic pain, Cellulite/Weight Loss or Depression/Anxiety
Each series includes 6 treatments and will range in price from $390 to $878 which reflects a 35% discount off our full treatment price. (inclusive of tax & as always no tips;)


Cupping (30 minutes)
Cupping with Lomilomi (60 or 90 minutes)

Fascia Blasting:

Fascia Blasting with heat (60 or 90 minutes)
Fascia Blasting with Lomilomi & heat (60 or 90 minutes)


  • Cannot have recent tattoos & excessive hair in the treated area.

  • Cannot be taking Blood Thinner or Blood Pressure Medication

  • Cannot have Heart Problems

Intro Package

Luana Massage

Therapeutic massage centering on back and hips. 40 minutes

Luana Facial*

Freshen your complexion with a variety of relaxing, extraction free, exfoliation facials. 40 minutes

Eminence Organic Starter Kit

1 hour & 20 minutes, $230

Honu You Organic Spa Package

 Honu You Lomilomi Massage

 Eminence Organic Facial*

1 hour & 50 minutes, $220




Honu You Aloha Lei Package

Mandarin Orange Back Scrub

 Honu You Lomilomi Massage

Honu You Express Facial*


1 hour & 50 minutes, $240


Honu You Rejuvenating Spa Package

Lanikai Lomilomi Massage

Eminence Organic Facial*

Honu You Spa Pedicure

Shellac Spa Manicure

4 hours & 10 minutes, $410


As with all of our ala carte pricing, tax has been factored into the above

quoted prices and we graciously decline gratuities.


*Facials & Facial Waxing: for optimal results please adhere to the following: 1) no contraindicated medications (Retinols, Retin A, Accutane, Epiduo, Obagi)/conditions (please call if uncertain), 2) more than 2 weeks of hair growth (for Facial Waxing), 3) no facial peels, microdermabrasion


Packages are not available for pregnancy.  Please call for more information.


Due to the increased request of Monday appointments, Honu You will be opened selected Mondays and Saturdays starting January 2017.

Please visit "Spa Schedule" under the "About Us" tab.