The Perfect Team

They come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, but merge as one in their firm belief in the healing, restorative nature of Kailua's Honu You Hawaiian Spa, and a passionate understanding and dedication to their professions.


[Lead Esthetician, Lomilomi Instructor, Owner]

Jennifer struggled with severe acne from her early teens to her late twenties. Always pro-active, she sought treatment at a dermatologist but achieved minimal results, considerable redness, and severe “irritation.”  While working at a doctor’s office, Jennifer interacted with a patient- whom it turns out was an esthetician- and the ultimate outcome was clear skin, a mentorship, and a love affair with the spa industry. As anyone with acne knows, acne is never gone: most often, it has merely abated. Jennifer became even more determined to defend her own skin. Combining lifestyle changes, holistic approaches, and voracious reading, Jennifer was thrilled with her successes.  She now treats all of her clients with the same basic principles: superior education, superior treatment, and superior products. She attended Massage School of Santa Monica in Los Angeles in 1994 and the Frederique Wholilstic Health and Beauty School of Hong Kong in 1995. Her time there was well spent mentoring under other European, South African and Australian estheticians, attending trade shows, taking every other class and workshop she could find as well as running her own business for five years. When she finally came home, the first thing on her list was to study Lomilomi. She spent a year with Sheila O’Malley ( one of Aunty Margret Machado’s original students learning her new love, Lomilomi.  In 1999, there were not many spa jobs to come home to. Fortunately, a large hotel spa was opening. Although she sought positions as a massage therapist and esthetician, she reluctantly accepted a managerial position in which she would be unable to provide treatments.  However, the knowledge and experience she gained in opening a 10,000 square foot spa was invaluable. Six months later the treatment room was calling her back. She enjoyed five years of providing treatments in a beautiful spa with everything organized just the way she liked it.


[Licensed Cosmetologist / Massage Therapist]

Favorite way to unwind...

...Doing/getting my nails done – a whole (HONU) me!! Sleeping and veg-ing out after taking care of my kids.

Why Honu You?
Love the intimate feeling here and they told me to take off my sandals when I came in, love being barefooted and not getting scolded about where my footwear is.

Can’t live without?

My KIDS! Love food!

Words to live by/ Mantra:

Everything happens for a reason. Karma is a =].

Self Care:

Getting out of the house, getting nails done & spending time with my better half.

What are you most passionate about professionally?

Taking care of feet! They are so important to our daily life. Whether via massage or a good pedicure - taking care of your toes can make a big impact in my client's lives. 

Why this profession?

I went to esthetics school and fell in love with the skin care. After practicing across specialities I learned I love to do nails and feet. I then went to reflexology school. 

Where were you born and raised?

Liliha, Oahu.

Where do you see yourself in...

...5 years: Broadening my career, learn more modalities in massage, learn all I can from Jen about waxing and skin care. Helping expand Honu You Hawaiian Spa. Being a part of the Honu You “A” team.